Constitutional experts were glued to the Supreme Court's oral arguments Wednesday, looking for any clues as to how the justices might rule in a case that's considered the biggest challenge to Roe v. Wade in decades.

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Why are people upset over 15wk limit? Seems reasonable!! I don't care if a woman chooses to get an abortion. I DO have a problem with ANY woman who waits till she has a full grown baby to decide she wants it gone!! Dems have pushed women into stretching the right to have an abortion to disgusting levels never seen!! If you're gonna get an abortion, get it & don't wait!! Those that wait so long, is what's really pissing everyone off!! I'm not pro abortion or Pro life, I'm PRO Choice!! The longer one waits to make that choice, the more annoying it is!!! You get an abortion past 5.5mo your just an sadistic idiot!!!

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