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Lets be real. They stole an election in front of our eyes. We know agencies are corrupt. Not much of a stretch to make stuff up like last time except the President won't have government resources to defend himself. In other words there are no rules. All you have to look at is the recent Flynn trial. Judge makes up his own rules. They know how popular he is so they won't leave him alone. He is risking everything for his country. And now they intend to crush him. To all the gutless bastards who criticized him, what are YOU doing for your country?


How can the Dem - RINO Uni-Party thing this is going to play well?


Parliamentary trials of private citizens was cited as one of the reasons for independence from Britain in the Declaration of Independence but it would appear the establishment is completely on board with tyranny.


It should raise hell and cause riots and xivil war but like everything, we'll just sit and take it, ever ungrateful.

Nice and tender, the wolves say.

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