Trump’s impeachment is a DNC/centrist coup attempt against progressives inside the Democratic Party...

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Pre-impeachment, no one knew about this sleaze.

I did.

Our "news" media determines what people talk about unless you have a president that forced our "news" to talk about it. I remember when Hunter Biden was announced to be on the board of Burisma. Didn't know how much he was being paid, but it was obvious that something was fishy with that. Also didn't know he was a coke head and had been thrown out of the navy.

Even if Hunter had a spotless record, he's got not business being on the BOD of a company in a nation which he doesn't even speak the language, right after a coup engineered by the Obama administration.

I wonder if the "news" will ever acknowledge it was a US led coup, and not a revolution? A few people will call it what it is, but not in the so-called "mainstream".


This is fucking retarded. How dumb do you have to be to think that Warren is actually a far left 'progressive?' To anyone with even half a brain, she is obviously pandering, trying to court the vote of the left because she had to have something to distract people from the fact that she publicly lied about her ethnicity for 50 odd years.


A little flaky, if you ask me, but worth considering at this point. Of course, much of what ZH says is nonsense (Trump being "nuts" especially). And at this point, Biden is DoA.

But the drama helps to keep the IG Report at bay, as well as the other bubbling scandals from Obama's supposedly "scandal-free" administration. The drama also enables the Fake News Media to bray about something to avoid reporting on reality.

But on to the author's point, this could be about setting the stage for Hillary to claim a "centrist" position by taking some of Warren's and Sanders's talking points and running as a "uniter" of the Dems.

Just a thought.


No, asswipes... it’s a Democrat deep state coup against our President. But whoever pulled this was either incredibly stupid or doesn’t like Biden. Mmmm... or both. I DO know those transcripts were put in that top-secret storage in the expectation these slimy idiots might pull something like that. They fell for it big time.


Biden thought running would somehow shield Obama officials, himself included, from legal jeopardy. Sorry Joe. Not even close.

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