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At least one court decision states that thought policing is not a proper way to spend people's tax money.


Policemen in #clownworld should be ashamed of their selves, here in Manchester I see spice dealers passing drugs around freely on a daily bases, police just sit in local coffee shops doing absolutely nothing.


If they price the court systems this high, then the police, courts or anyone else .. it should be illegal to accuse publicly, slander or anything resembling what the police / Scotland Yard did by using this guy in their statistics as if they were judged and convicted.. The police need to start going to jail or it will end like it did in the U.S. Once people here stopped respecting them, they started getting killed a dozen a day. They tend to side with those far-left extremists, people who hate the police, and because of this the majority of white people are starting to look at the police as black people have for a while now. They lost their last support group and it's dangerous like no other time in their history.

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