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What gets me here is Piers Morgan is totally fine with all the other methods that criminals use to kill people, but oh no, the guns, that's where he draws the line lol.


Piers stated that the Aurora shooting was the single biggest shooting, which is not true. Virginia tech was, and literally the guy used handguns.


I have to disagree with Alex Jones about Hitler, he never took anyone's guns, that was the Weimar republic. Gun laws were loosened, but enemies that openly declared war on Germany were disarmed.

I daresay if someone says they want to attack their own government won't be sitting around with firearms as that is treason to your own nation.

Jews didn't follow the laws, they abused the people, and they sapped the German people of their gold and silver and their property.

Had the jews not had control over the newspapers they wouldn't have spread defeatism among the troops to cause them to flee their posts or not have any will to fight.

Hitler spoke about this in Mein Kampf.


Piers cited 11k, but they wouldn't dare have a White nationalist up there because we'd point out that those are majority either suicides or gang crime, not mass shootings.

I'd specifically point out that since he wants to cite statistics, then we can bring up black people being 13 percent of the population, men being far lower than that, and yet they commit over half of all murders.

He would have to cut the interview because people would be getting redpilled.


Interesting how, years later, government is still trying to take our guns. Tells you something..........

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