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Wait, the Woke are attacking Interacial Relationships. Some even go as far as opposing light black/dark black relations. So the skepticism is bullshit.


Sexually Grooming kids with Leftist Critical Racist Theory, with clear racism towards the European Race, while making them think being Homosexual is a normal life style, must be a criminal offense. Leftists are sowing hate between whites, nonwhites while sexually abusing kids.

  • This is NOT normal sexual behaviour: Homosexual, Tranny, Bisexual, Zoophilia, Incestuous, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, etc, because they are sexual behaviour that derive their pleasure from breaking normal sexual roles like male/female, species, blood relatives, sex with kids, sex with the dead, etc.

These are abnormal sexual behaviour, which we cannot introduce our kids to, before a certain age (18).

Kids must be able to develop sexually normally, in the normal heterosexual environment, with out being groomed by a Leftist predator like this. Any ghey or other predator having a problem with this, needs to be prosecuted swiftly, along with their supporters, in order to stop these vermin from robbing children of their right to develop their sexuality in normal heterosexual environment.

We need to protect the rights of our kids to develop sexuality as normal human beings, away from leftist sexual predators, involved in abnormal sexual behaviours. These are vermin are animals we need to keep away from our societies, if the legal system does not prosecute them, we will, with rope & tree.


With the excrement that is coming out of the entertainment industry lately the vast majority of it is not even worth stealing anymore.

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