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Whenever mike baker comes on i have to remind myself there is no such thing as an ex-cia agent.


How can there be fair elections once this DEEPFAKE technology becomes widely spread? Maybe Alphabet inc.'s GOOGLE can help!


Jesus, this guy!

It couldn't be anymore clear this guy is propagandizing us right now.

And since when do Joe's guests set him up with what questions they want asked? 1:14:42: Immediately after Mike crosses 'talking about deep fakes' off his list Joe says: "I know you wanted to talk about Huawei."


Anybody, from the conservatives to the liberals, if they do not have a basic, cursory understanding of economics is a dumbass in my books.

Joe is not an exception to this. If you want well meaning but poor people to come in to the US, you open the gates to a billion people on Earth who fulfill that criteria perhaps and if you think that it is sustainable to have that then democracy is a failure if such people with such thoughts and lack of understanding can fulfill the criteria to vote.

There is a reason that China has more than 40% people still living under $2.5 - $4 a day and its still getting its hands everywhere, the rest take the burden to support these habits.

If you want such wealth inequality, in other words, if you want this kind of a burden, a drain on society, in the United States or your country of residence then you're as anti-national as it gets.

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