In part 1 of my discussion with Edward Snowden he explains the methods used to advance the most dangerous conspiracies and threats to our freedoms. Excerpts ...

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They're already well on the way to tracking every man, woman and child at all hours of every day in every location. It's called Smart Phones and Siri. In all likeliness it's also anyone using a computer with Windows or Apple as the OS. Games like Poke'mon GO are feeding them topography information. Captcha is training algorithms how to recognize targets with the power of billions of unpaid people.

There will be zero change from the top down. That is, electing the right president will do fuckall as Trump helped show. If people want to shut down the machine it has to start with massive local movements. Local civics, local governments, leading to state governments and finally the federal level. But the change has to start in your own back yard and how you and your neighbors interact with politics.

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