Women hold up half the sky! Or do they?The vulnerability of Chinese women is not something that is often talked about...THIS VIDEO IS DEMONETIZED! Please con...

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Winston, what is your beef with Christianity? tell me! you have 100% something there? we all know it and feel it. I love how you think if you share it you think that we will all think the worst and stop following you and demonize you! (that is what big tech companies does) stop trying to show face, you are not Chinese, actually man up and tell us what you think. We might disagree with you? who knows? we arent all petty! You have treated us with respect all this time, you're the few that actually speak your mind on Youtube, we think you are special, we actually have your back, even if we disagree with you, we love you and our wife to pieces. Bro, I'll pick up some of the slack if you lose patrons

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