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The Dims are either very desperate or think the American people are very stupid.

Prolly both.


HA HA HA. Tim calls for an audit into voting for Breathitt County, Kentucky. Known statewide as 'Bloody Breathitt', also known statewide as a speed trap, and also known statewide as corrupt (as many counties are). Are counties dirtier in other states? Perhaps but not likely. Would an audit work? Give it a go and let's see - But I doubt the political machine of the state will allow it. Doubtless this goes on every where.


I'm from KY and I don't care. Did he? Didn't he? Hell, I have met him several times (none in the last 30 years) and I still don't give a shit. I am pretty sure I am not alone in that feeling.


audit his vote who gives a toss?

no conservative is gonna defend mitch.

and if mich did nothing why would he give a piss?

only people with something to hide hide things.

we all mostly want an honest signature matched by the law election, not this fraud they trying to force down our throats.

and for sure some republicans are dirty as biden.


B Mitch better have my money.

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