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This is something that makes commies wet. Destroying people for having opinions creates a fearful and controlable populace.


Why jot just find the person that did it and fuck them up?!

It's what needs to start happening as there are NO consequences for this type of childish shit.

And... I wouldn't ever visit ANY company that fired someone based on this shit. Screw that company. I hope they die on the Vine.


Best advice I can give is just not to use Facebook unless you are disguised as a shitposter.


You want to know why I claim that I do not have a platform for my D&D content? Someone got fired because of a tweet. Encyclopedia Dramatica has a page on me. One Google Search and I wouldn't be allowed to have money in some areas. They came for this Dental Assistant over a tweet. When will they come for me?


getting somebody fired because they hold different political ideals from you, is just wrong


I'm petrified about work doing something about me being right-leaning. I'm mostly in with Tim where I feel politically homeless, but I've already been chastised for having gun stickers on my truck and asked to not wear my NRA jacket because it "creates discomfort."

I'm not vocal about it, I don't push the views, I just have my passive support with some stickers, a jacket, a wee American flag, etc.

I recently walked around Philly in my NRA jacket and I felt insanely uncomfortable with the looks I was getting and with the snide comments being made. Some violent suggestions under people's breath, etc. that were unsettling.

But... I'm not backing down. People can mumble all they want but I'm not hurting anyone. I am well aware my passive support for "right-leaning causes" can eventually get me fired, though. Trump stuff is pretty much banned from work, cars are getting vandalized in parking lots and parking garages with non-progressive things on them (even Obama/Biden stickers), etc.

As soon as anyone backs down, though... that's when the steamrollers will come and try to wipe everyone that is even center/right out of existence. :-/

I've never been actually worried about political climate in my life, but things like this, the colleges paying people to rat on others, etc. is all starting to make me have an internal fight in my head:

1) this is all BS and it's just blown out of proportion 2) things really are getting that bad out there


Imagine one day in the future that supporting the POTUS gets you fired from your job.

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2020-24-Fr 01:24:11 am

Imagine one day in the future that supporting the POS gets you fired from you job.

2020-24-Fr 01:24:51 am

Imagine one day in the future that supporting the POS gets you fired from your job.


Can we actually DO SOMETHING NOW!? Or we just going to sit online having a cyber circle jerk about how we are "winning"?? Only FOUR more years until this is NORMALIZED people....... we are LOSING!!


If Conserrvatives had been running around getting obama voters fired as commies, i think most people could understand a pushback.

but it came out of a vaccum propped up by activists and media that trump supporters were bigot racist sexist nazis GEE WHO PLANTED THAT? HILLARY CLINTON AND HER DEPLORABLES COMMENT.

then the oh so tolerant and inclusice left went wild promoting the racist sexist bigot trump supports so much so that people LIED to pollsters rather than say i support trump.

well done muppets shoot your credibity to shit with normie america who voted for obama AND voted for trump.

but fucking hillary queen of evil incarnate put it out there that truimp voters are the worst and se how far the fucking retard left has run with it.

keep it up red pills for all the more they winge out about making their fucking scumbag poltical party their god infallable, but fuck silly religions and blind faith bullshnit that is for rubes and the teeny minded, as i treat my politics like a ghigher calling to divinity and you are are sinners that disagree with me and must be expunged like the heretics you are.

sounds like a cult does it not? fucking brilliant lefties the dozen or so that still call yourselves that.

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