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Like the 200 other areas of... "I have a plan for that..." Warren's plans all backfire when looked at for 10 seconds.

The bigger concern isn't the cost of college... but what people ACTUALLY get from it.

(aside from Communism and a piece of paper that won't help most college kids fresh out of school)


Dimocrats buy votes with taxpayer money. That's what it is ... period!

Aha, you say, but Republicans are doing the same thing with tax breaks. Noooooo, NOT taking a citizens money - money that citizen EARNED through work or investment - is NOT the same as gifting a citizen money a different citizen earned through work or investment.

Consider it this way: you're mugged on the street, but the mugger only stole half your money; versus the mugger giving the stolen loot to his girlfriend.

In which scenario was a person bought - the mugged victim, or the girlfriend?


That's what meaningless virtue signaling gets you... HILARIOUS BACKFIRE!


Sure, teach kids that when they fuck up their lives, big gubmint will redistribute money from successful people to your loser ass.


This is one bubble we don't have in Finland, because all education is free. I was working while I was studying at the university. Sure, it took me almost a decade to graduate, but at the time of graduation I had 7 years of work experience and about 20 000€ in savings I could use to get a loan for my own apartment.

The downside is that the tax rate is ridiculously high.


replace the complex interest on the loans with a 6% simple interest and you fix the problem now and in the future.

Now by reducing what they owe, in the future because the institutions making the loans will only make loans for actual money making courses, you know the ones where you can make a living off the degree you would receive.


Alleviate student loan debt? Why the fuck is that a thing?
If you are 18 you're a grown up, and should learn to live with your decisions.
Once again Tim's cognitive dissonance is amazing. He argues against it but still think it is kinda a good idea.


An impeachable abuse of power?

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