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Okay here's the question no one has brought up yet and it really needs an answer. Trump as been impeached again this time without the House even bothering to investigate the charges they've leveled and the FBI whom the House judiciary committee that didn't ask any questions of in the investigation they didn't do now says they were aware of planned attacks days before the Capital riot........Now the question that needs to be answered is did the FBI at any point brief the President that people attending his rally were planning attack on the Capital? If not why not?

Did FBI tell Mike Pence the secrete service, capital police, leadership in congress? All of the people and organisations I just listed should have been aware of these facts before the 6th. Yet it appears either none of them were told because the FBI withheld the information hoping there would be an incident that could be blamed on Trump or all of them quietly sat on the information hoping something bad would happen that again could be blamed on the president.


Earthworm Jim (with over 102K views) has a Mock Impeachment Trial of Trump... He has several point. The comments have several points. The Dissenter comments brings up excellent points.

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