DJ Ferguson needs a heart transplant. But he has been removed from the transplant list at a Boston hospital because he is not vaccinated.

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Yeah, hospitals are evil cunts.

They think nobody fucking NOTICES that they are evil cunts because they help some sick people once in a while, but people KNOW that they exist to MAKE MONEY. Period.

They will kill your babies, experiment on you, keep you alive when you're dying just for the insurance payoff. They do not care about YOU, and they have a collective God complex and think they can do no wrong.



DJ Ferguson needs to be taken by his family/friends to another hospital outside of Massachusetts. If he can't travel much, I'd look at New Hampshire. If he can travel a bit, I'd look at Florida. Perhaps contact Gov DeSantis' staff to see what they could recommend, possibly pointing him in the right direction.


Honestly, He's probably better off.

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