The New York Times editorial board voiced the media's opinion that every day is Jan. 6. But for the rest of the country, the actual Jan. 6 of this year was not Jan. 6, 2021.

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"... Another protester on the west side of the Capitol held a sign reading, "EVERYBODY KNOWS TRUMP IS A LIAR AND LOST FAIR AND SQUARE." The message, while obviously true, didn't reach its intended audience, as 2020 election truthers failed to return to the scene of the crime..."

"[O]bviously true"? "[E]lection truthers?" πŸ€” Evidently, Ms. Lowe is fiscally-conservative, at least. But she just doesn't like how the 'sausage' of a sound federal budget is made. Either that, or she has neglected to examine all the evidence surrounding Dominion and their fuzzy electoral math.

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