U.S. Women's National Team player and outspoken liberal activist Megan Rapinoe is blasting men for their "silence" on the abortion issue.

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Not really an issue for Rapinoe.


Fine, I'll speak up. Women need to Stop Killing Mens Children!


First we aren't supposed to speak on the issue because we're men, and now, we can?


Ok lol end abortion



How's that?


And I thought men were supposed to shut up about abortion.

It's WOMEN's business and we have no say in it whatsoever. So I'm gonna go crack a beer and laugh at the flabby, koolaid-hair sluts who are shrieking in the streets and "free-bleeding" all over themselves.


Why does it seem only people who have no realistic chance of reproducing are the only ones upset by this?

I've said for YEARS this nation needs a divorce -- I think we finally can draw the lines!


Sure, "Stop killing babies."


Lulz! Ok. Shut your piehole, rapinoe.


I'm a man and here's what I have to say to Rapeyhoe... sit tha'fuck down, Princess.

Sit tha'fuck down, cause YOU don't know what YOU are doing.

And, that is CLEARLY evident because you're such a COWARD that you can't SPEAK without HIDING behind some kind of GROUP LABEL!


Speak from the mind, speak from the self, or else we'll know... you don't have one.

Because you aren't human.

We know what you are now. Or at least I do... and I will teach everyone how to see psychopathy... and what I see in you... is a spoiled, entitled little bitch without any sense, whose upset because some ill gotten "worthless treat" was finally taken away from you.

You WANTED IT... just because you saw it as a form of POWER!

That's why you're so upset at losing it, Princess.

You're upset, because you never cared about it... you just cared about it conceptually, you cared about it like it was an emotional bargaining chip that you could use to extort "goodies" on the political level to shovel even MORE of your deranged, psychopathic, nutball perceptions into the mainstream.

Your stupid shit has POISONED our collective psychosocial perception of ourselves to the point where we now stand on the brink of menticidally induced omnicide.

That is how BADLY you fucked up, Princess. You have brought humanity to the literal BRINK of ABSOLUTE SUICIDAL ANNIHILATION... because you felt ENTITLED to shit... to OTHER PEOPLE'S AUTONOMY!

You coveted theirs... because you couldn't find one inside yourself!

But you're like a shark feeling with its teeth... you don't have any emotional sense outside of your own... so you can't empathize in any form... you don't have any form of emotional language... only reasoning... and that alone, without any sense of collective emotional understanding... it only produces DEATH and HELL.

If you fuck up badly enough... it might turn into the man made version... where your future rips your soul out of your body at the moment of your assumed death... where it is then shunted into a psychoreactive hellscape.

See, you're so NOT special... that your future may just decide you're not even a real person anymore. They might just decide that you're like a "dolly" to them... that they can just... rip from death... and "play with"... with any sense of emotional remorse... because that's what YOUR kind leads to.

That's why... you need, more than ANYONE ELSE ALIVE... TO SIT THA'FUCK DOWN!

...or else someone should give your bottom a berry blossom finish!

You have been a VERY BAD little FEMCHILD!

You can't drive reality! Go to your evil room! Go rethink yourself!

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