"Elections are not won and lost in the days during an election; it's between the elections," advised Amanda Milius.

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I'm going to start by calling BS on this!!! Conservatives shouldn't be using the title of Conservative to spew BS like this!! "Elections aren't won/lost in the days during an election"? BS!!!!

Then how is I went to bed with Trump leading in the swing states by hundreds of thousands of votes, only to wake up to find out Hundreds of thousands of Biden votes mysteriously showed up, STEALING the election from the true winner?

Subsequent to this, Video evidence emerged, showing truck loads of Biden ballots ILLEGALLY being dropped off in the middle of the night when the NON cheating poll workers had gone home for the night, leaving ONLY cheaters & Traitors behind, to continue counting ILLEGAL ballots throughout the night!!!

Subsequent to that, Thousands upon thousands of witnesses have come forth, signing & filing affidavit after affidavit claiming to have witnessed first hand....ELECTION/VOTER FRAUD!!

You may say that 'Typically' elections aren't won this way, but don't you dare say that it didn't happen in 2020, because that is EXACTLY what happened!!!!

Further more, if elections couldn't be won during an election, that POS retard Joe Biden, wouldn't have EVER said things like " I don't need your vote to win this election", or "We have created the most extensive, & inclusive Election Fraud organization this Country has EVER seen"!!!

Stop with the BS, JUST STOP!!! Everyone knows JoeTard Biden did NOT win the 2020 election, & no matter how many times YOU say there was NO election fraud....WE WILL NEVER BELIEVE YOUR LIES!!!


Good point, in 2020 it took a year to plan the fraud to steal the election just in case Dominion wasn't enough. BUT, it was completed only after the counting stopped.

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