Dr. Robert Redfield said that he expects the coronavirus vaccine will be rolled out in the second week of December.

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DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID VACCINE!!! I'm NOT injecting myself with that poison so I don't get a cold!!!


and the deaths from forced vaccination will start the second week of January ... both from those that get it and those that try to give it to the unwilling and are killed.

I will get it only after all of my ammo is gone all my arrows used all of my knifes and swords broken all bats and tire irons are broken and all of my limes are broken and I am unconscious with 50 people holding me down.


So this is looking like it may well be my last winter on this planet. It's kinda scary but not as bad as I thought it would be. They'll try to force it on me. I'll resist and be killed. Either by the covid marshals or by starvation when I am not allowed to buy food without it or rent a place to live... but I know I will not be taking this thing while I still have a pulse.


I'll take my chances with the koof


How many people will you kill with the vaccine? Take a large vile of it and shove it up your fat ass!

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