Barr jokingly asked Pelosi if she brought her "handcuffs" in an apparent reference to the Democrat insinuating she could put him in jail.

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Would have been funnier if she laughed and said no and then Barr said "Well I did" and had a federal marshal come over and arrest her ass for obstruction of justice for using her role as the Speaker of the House to try and influence the Attorney General (himself) not to pursue an investigation into the likely criminal nature of the surveillance warrants issued as a result of the at the time known-to-be phony PissGate dossier. Barr's investigation into those potential crimes is perfectly valid and Nancy Pelosi has tried to interfere and stop it using her position of power. And unlike President Trump who, as president, can lawfully direct the DOJ however he sees fit - Nancy Pelosi has no such powers so her interference is indefensible and criminal.


to bad it wasn't Nadler.

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