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I'll save everyone the time watching this and give them the CliffsNotes. Jeremy believes:

  1. Gab isn't perfectly what he would want in a social media platform because it bans pr0n.
  2. But please follow him on Twitter, even though to a rational human being, Twitter is far worse than how he portrays Gab.

This is how you know this idiot who shaves his nads and drinks soy so much the whites of his eyes glow in the dark is a #SilicommieValley shill.

I call BS, you irrational soy boy.


The Baby Yoda thing is funny. Your taking this shit too personally. Hit a nerve? That Social Media list never showed your unused Gab account. He just had a kid, Torba is doing what edge comics do when they do. In a smaller way. Porn just needs labeling like in Minds. NSFW.

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