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When there's crap in the toilet, you have to flush it. Just hope those great quakes come soon and wipe Commiefornia off the map.

Really, conditions are so bad for citizens there that the president would be within his rights to declare Martial Law over California and clean it up. There would be so many benefits, too. Round up AntiFA, round up the illegals, round up #CommieTech China sympathizers. Just hose it all down with a high-powered washer.


Anybody out there, listen to me! Watch this movie, "You Can't Watch This", starring Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Tommy Robinson and PJW! It's just imperative you watch this movie to learn what happens and why we shold have our own medias to communicate. https://play.lumine.tv/content/detail/5d5715b251303c00156fe20f/Voce-nao-pode-ver-esse-filme


Now I understand why all the prepers say get out of the city.

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