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Facebook censored this post by citing sexual reasons that it goes against their community standards on sexual activity or whatever bullshit nonsense these morons came out with.

Firstly, does this image look sexual. These are fucking children that have been potentially abused by being trafficked.

1) Are there any genitals showing?

No! The children are covered up and wearing nappies. There are plenty of people on Facebook posting pictures of their children and nothing ever gets said to them?

Makes my fucking blood boil. How can these people live with the fact that they are working for a company that aids in trafficking children by censoring information about those who do.

These are poor children from Haiti and are no different from the African Children seen in images from Save The Children which are constantly displayed on Facebook.

So the moral of the story is that because Facebook are earning money from displaying AD's from people like 'Save The Children', it's okay to post picture such as this. Something has to be done. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.




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