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Mr. Dice takes a serious tone in this video entitled "Why They're Trying To Silence Us" but doesn't cover the "Why" as much as the "How". Neither matter at this juncture, the main point being "They're Trying to Silence Us". The censorship will not stop. They like the power it affords them. It is all about power.


Why They’re Trying To Silence Us



I know that I just posted this link, but I'm posting it again because it's IMPORTANT!!!

While Mark Dice is often being funny, in this particular video he's being a bit more serious about a VERY SERIOUS TOPIC!!!

#Censorship has gotten out of control!!! At this point the #TechNazis censor ANYTHING for ANY REASON just because they don't want YOU to see it!!!

When I coined the term "TechNazi" I was not trying to be sensational. These people are literally ACTING in a similar fashion to #Hitler!!! Of course they've taken lessons from #Mao and #Lenin as well!!!

The United States #Congress has done NOTHING about the censorship because MOST OF THEM ARE #CORRUPT and in the pocket of the huge corporations!!

It's time for America to start sending corrupt government officials to PRISON!!!

I'm sick of America's 2 tiered #Justice system where government #Criminals are not prosecuted!


Also don't forget ridiculous Holocaust denier laws.

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