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Moral of this story: Wearing a mask and not cooperating with Police means you can get away with just about anything. Masks and guns are now mandatory for the Patriots showing up to events. No more maskless protests. No cooperating with police either. If Police start looking for a specific protester (unless it's Antifa), do not cooperate. They'll just end up jailing another Patriot and give the Socialists another win.

#MaskUpArmUp #SnitchesGetStitches #DoNotCooperate


This is insane, this is going to get more Antifa beaten up and killed.


So terrorism wins again, congrats New Yslam City


This is fucking wank.


Congratulations with the coming civil war. Never ever cooperate with the police, they are not your friends, not in liberal shit holes like New York. Be smart, wear masks, do not talk to the police.


new york is turning onto portland.

fuck that city since bloomberg had his claws into it.


anti-fa hits someone on the head with a bikelock probation get into a fight by a proud boy get 4 years.


No, Tim, actual GANG-VIOLENCE wouldn't get that much time.

This is again DEMOCRAT strongholds using the power of government to punish their political enemies. That's it!

And when the citizenry can no longer count on "Lady Justice" to keep her blindfold on, it WILL result in the breakdown of government authority and institutions.

This is no different from the Mayor of Portland telling his police to leave Antifa alone to run roughshod over the city.


These incidents are signs that civil unrest is boiling over. When the courts and cops don't apply justice equally to all, resentment hardens into violence, and violence hardens into war.


tim you avoid every fight you run away from. ;p

from your enemies perspective you lost. nm if something real is at stake.

and freedom of assembly and speech and defense is not worth fighting for or equal treatment under the law?

stop fighting fuck you tim. ny and other liberal shit holes need to be called out.

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