Schools are continuing to enforce mask mandates despite a court ruling that such requirements are unconstitutional.

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Kathy Hochul of New York is anti-American and hates the nation's healthy, independent families.


"... Ultimately, there are only two sides in this fight: Either you are in favor of intensive government dominance of people’s lives, or you are not. And, the vast majority of people in favor of government tyranny herald from the left side of the political spectrum. They revel in the totalitarianism, even when they don’t necessarily benefit from it.

There is not a single blue state in the country that is not on the war path to enforce Biden’s vax mandates. There is not a single blue city in the country that is not trying to subversively teach CRT in schools. And, there is not a single blue region in the country that is not obsessed with wokism and globalism. The truth is, America has split into two completely different cultures with two completely different social objectives."

When Right vs Left is Right vs Wrong.


It's not about freedom, it's about control.


boomer teachers get real.

hasmat suits face diapers dont do JACK SHIT on people and have to be WORN 100% properly, which most adults do not manage nm CHILDREN.

SO shut the FUCK up put on your hasmat suits and get protected.

also install your stage 3 decon areas. be up to code for disease prevention and containment biohazard shit.

the more you know the more full of shit teachers are and boomers in general that love their face diapies.


jumped up little tyrants will not give up their tyrannical "powers" over others, it must be wrested from them violently (as in sued and fired).

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