Not only that, but the president's praise for the fallen officers seemed an awful lot like a campaign speech.

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"Fallen officers" and "Hitler" or Stalin do not go in the same sentence. You don't place "Biden" with real people- who give the last full measure of devotion. It it an abomination and quite frankly I don't want to see "Biden" nor EVEN Trump with the honored( for now) until we PROVE who is a Jesuit and who is a Freemason going to the white lodge (not blue) and WHO is a Satanist and WHO is Skull and Bones (etc) and on down the line. Learn Hegelian Dialectic and learn "controlled" opposition and understand people you thought were "ok" might not actually be okay. This is not to be critical of T man but he and Melania I sure will be okay and still be alive after all is said and done. Will you be alive? Is this actually the END TIMES and is the Bible on to something (?) {Which I used to think might never come}

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