Barbara Simpson cheers bishops' rebuke to new president on abortion issue

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The Know-nothings were right. Irish immigrants were bad news. Look at all the corruption they spawned


Catholicism doesn't work anymore.

It's broken.


There are a couple of fervent Democrats in our sola Scriptura Evangelical church. Abortion is the one issue that still embarrasses them about being Democrats. They are still Christian enough to be bothered by their chosen party pressing for ever-more abortions everywhere, and forcing abortion opponents to pay for them anyway. Good! That SHOULD bother them.


How can you be a devout Catholic and endorse the killing of children?


I think we need to take Biden's Devout Catholicness seriously, and ask him the kind of questions a Devout Catholic might ask another Devout Catholic:

"Mr. President, when is the last time you went to confession?"

" not supposed to talk about that, seal of confessional"

"didn't ask what you confessed, I asked whether you confessed. I don't want you to commit the sin of detraction against yourself. But shouldn't you be encouraging Catholics to stay in a state of grace?"

Seriously, if "devout Catholic" is now the party line, we should accept it as true. "Mr. President, how was your last trip to Lourdes? Is Medjugorje real? Do you wear a scapular? Did you sniff Cdl. McCarrick's hair?"

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