The British PM has hailed a pact between the UK, Australia and the US, which will see Canberra take delivery of nuclear-powered subs, stating the deal will help safeguard peace and security in the Indo-Pacific for years to come.

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Interesting to see that it is not crazy eyes Trump (sarcasms) who is escalading the presence of weapons of war in the region but the gentle and paternal figure of dementia Joe and his cronies...

(oh and the french are pissed beyond belief loosing the 50 billion euros deal, good job on this front).


But... what if they just use the nuclear submarines to MURDER MORE FUCKING PUPPIES?




What's this? Another Afghanistan? Another North Vietnam? Another North Korea? Another Iraq? Another Syria? Another Ukraine? Another Et-Al? It seems like another ruse for the Military Industrial Complex of USA and UK to fill their $-£ gun-coffers with gun-gold again.

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