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It never ceases to amuse me to read these articles. These post-wall women who have had their fun and now want to 'settle down' with a 'nice guy', flailing about and finding only players are left.


Any girls reading this, if you're interested, I can tell you exactly what most guys look for and why, it's really not complex


I'm no expert but I thought tinder started as a hookup app, those who have then started to use it to look for relationships are using the wrong tool which has skewed their thought processes in a way for their choices to be less likley to succeed. If you are looking for relationships other formats would be better suited. The reality is that using a hook up app and saying you are lookng for a relationship is an excuse to use it for the intended purpose but have plausable deniability of what you are doing (probably for quite a number of people even from themselves).


"So here’s my plea. If you’re only using Tinder (or any dating app) to just hit it and quit it, you have a duty of care to fellow users to make that absolutely clear in your profile."

I suspect that would decrease the number of women the man gets a match with. Not because these women are not searching for more than sex, but because that makes the man sound like an asshole.

Women like to have the illusion that this is a romance, not just sex. Even though they don't want to date the man, they want to feel that the man is after her charming personality and because she is special, not because he just doesn't feel like masturbating tonight.


Meh. I agree with her conclusion. If you're on a dating app with even a small contingent of marriage/long-haul minded participants, make it plain if you're only interested in first-night fuck-and-forget liasons. Have some sympathy for the poor, beleaguered romantic types with more whimsical aspirations.

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