The presidential limousine, known to many as “The Beast,” led the field of drivers on a pace lap at the Daytona 500

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Better than Obama using our money to fund terrorism and send his family and friends on exotic vacations.


Meanwhile, Democrats clutch their pearls, sit back in their mansions and schedule another first class flight to their campaigns. Hypocrisy on an alpine scale.

So the people get to see their president without having to buy another ticket, so what?


Oh those salty, delicious, liberal tears!! As they wring their hands and cry about “illegal” and “impeached forever”...our badass BEAST of a President is righting the economy, reasserting our superpower status, cleaning up the international messes our past ‘leaders’ left behind, trying to clean out the bureaucracy (or swamp of you prefer), and in his spare time he is crushing both the liberal agenda and the leftist democrat party. Impressive, to say the least.

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