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0 days since a feminist fuck up in Finland


Well, that sounds incredibly sexist.


Women care too much about doing what they feel is right. Can these dumb arses just do what's best for the people of their country?


It was not the method of the polling that failed, it was the probable outcome that they did not like. If any government was to allow the voice of the people to prevail in such a way, it would become a democracy overnight, and the majority would enslave the minority. Much like they are attempting in the United States with illegal immigration.

But aside of this, I suspect the majority of hard working Fins would prefer to have their nation in peace and not pieces. NO ISIS ALLOWED. So you see the word "Failure" as it is used in this story is really a matter of an innocent child who thought she knew how to play the game of national politics, but was reminded of her handlers of what never to even attempt. Especially if one wishes to be a princess and have her own kingdom.

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