The Washington Redskins have existed since 1933 -- that may be all coming to an end in 2020.

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Well, not gonna use FedEx now! :D

Get woke, go broke!

Also, seriously, threatening to have Nike walk out? I mean, they just lost like a BILLION DOLLARS. You might as well be threatening to lash someone over with a wet noodle.


Well, I will be closing my corporate FedEx account, now. Strangely enough, the USPS has actually be very much on-point these past few months with my shipments, so it will be getting a lot more business from my company.


Won't be using fedex again.


I have a suggestion for a new name:

The Washington Disenfranchised Peoples of American Origin.

That will surely energize the crowds. ;-)


Fuck this shite, tell them to fuck off


This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with liberal nazis imposing their will upon others.


Remove all the native name/logo/symbol so they stop existing in History? In the name of removing Racism of course. Once Native American don't exist, racism against them also don't exists. Nice work leftist.


A continuation of revisionism.


Change name to RLM, Redskins Lives Matter. To continue referring to them as “The Skins”, as most do now.

Most every sport was created by an evil White male, long before Civil Rights. BLM is an evil self-serving get rich scam until they call for an end to all sports created by a White male.

And every pro sport and sport equipment corporation, i.e. Nike, that supports and funds BLM should be joining the leaders of BLM to end all sports created by a White male. All colleges and schools supporting BLM should join BLM to end all sports created by a White male.

BLM should replace those sports with new sports created by a non-White, preferably a Black.

All lives know BLM and their staunch supporters and enablers will never call for an end to sports created long before Civil Rights by a White male. And that seems to strongly reveal that BLM is an evil get rich scam that attracts opportunists looking for a little to a lot of self serving recognition.

BLM does great harm to all lives. Blacks more than other races. As BLM founders get super rich.

The money making race sustaining scam BLM is, what scammer Al Sharpton wishes he owned.


Hey, UPS wants the Bruins to be called "the fuck stix". Think they'll go for it?

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