The video, which was posted to Twitter by the Young Americans for Freedom, show as the cameraman confronts Fadel Alkilani, who serves as chairman of the student senate finance committee.

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Look at the fool marching around in the wide open with his virtue signalling mask on, indicative of Islamic Terrorist hatred of American, and it's Flag, Alkilani's disrespectfully, dishonorably gathers flags into garbage bags on September 11 at Washington University in St. Louis Never Forget Project Memorial Display. He should feel very lucky not to be in the hospital, if he had run into the wrong person while he was doing this shit on the 2,977 people that died 20 years ago, and the American Flag deed.


Now you have his picture, may he join the 2,977🖕🖕💥💥


Deceitful nose you got there bub.


I’m thinking there can’t be too many Fadel Alkilani’s in and around that campus in Missouri.

Maybe a police officer (or several) who are former vets can see where this POS lives and give that to the patriotic public?


Solution? Remove him frm 'his position' expell him and invalidate any course work he has completed so hat he cannot transfer credits to another institution, charge him and arrest him, deport him.

[Fox News reports that he had tried to destroy the memorial a night prior on Friday, but was stopped by campus police while doing so, students said. ]

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