Protesters gathered outside of Maya Taqueria in Brooklyn during their march through NYC, shortly after the verdict was read, heckling diners.

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Free Derek Chauvin.


Fucking racist marxist scum. blm are terrorists and should be treated as such. These bastards need to be hung drawn and quartered. There will never be peace with these bastards.

Give them fucking war and wipe the bastards out.


Sooner or later white people are going to start asking simple questions. Such as Why, if they are so hell-bent on segregation, don't we acquiesce? Which will lead to questions such as What do black people bring to the table and can we do without them? Which will inevitably lead to the sharing of statistics such as 1 in 3 black men being convicted felons. Blacks being responsible for 50% of violent crime and murders in the US and ten times more violent attacks on whites than whites on blacks. And then finally How is such an apparently oppressed minority so massively overrepresented in violent crime? and Why the hell have we been putting up with this? and no one is going to like where that road leads.

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