People were spotted out and about on the seafront at Brighton, East Sussex, today as police swooped to send them on their way (pictured).

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People from the same household standing on their doorsteps talking to neighbours at a safe distance.


Seriously DM why dont you stop this hysterical bullshit, the vast majority of your dwindling readership hate lockdown and everything it entails.

And while your at it stop sending paparazzi round the country, surely flitting round the country taking pics of people venturing out of their front door doesnt fit the criteria as an essential reason to be outdoors?!


"A couple drinking energy drinks on a bench appeared to laugh at a policeman as he told them off in front of Brighton Pier"

Oh FFS its clear the couple and the plod are having a jovial conversation, the fact ALL of them are laughing kind of gives the game away.

Thank God I dont contribute to your rags profit margins any more!


The police can't touch you due to having to keep their distance. LOL.


Stop fucking shaming people, you show a pic of a man carrying 2 easter eggs, so fucking what, if people want to buy anything they want so be it, and if people are on their own doorsteps so fucking what


I see that the police officers telling everybody about the social distancing and staying indoors are not wearing masks. That seems to be the mixed message.

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