Trump said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi performing significantly better than the market is “not fair” to ordinary Americans.

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I don't like the idea that because one is elected to public office one has to stop living one's day to day life. I see no problems with congress men/women trading stocks, if someone thinks that Pelosi is operating in a criminal manner then they should report her and she should be prosecuted if she broke the law. I certainly do not see any reasons why roadblocks should be erected to dissuade people from running for congress or any elected office. I do also think, that if congress is not willing to enact term limits on themselves, then it should be argued that, the 22nd Amendment which imposes term limits on presidents is unconstitutional and repealed. It's as much an abomination as the 18th Amendment before it. That being said, anything to hurt Pelosi would please me no end.

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