Senator and former college football coach Tommy Tuberville (R, AL) sounds like a no on paying college athletes.

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Colleges should not teach sports. Nor music or liberal arts crap. It's all useless entertainment. Schools should teach STEM only.


I don't think they should get anything. Maybe a scholarship if they are good enough.


Eliminate college athletics altogether. No scholarships. No feeder league for professional sports. The country would be a better place. People might start reading again.


True dat.
Free tuition, free housing, free or subsidized meals.



Wait until those college players get the tax bill from Unca Joey. It's INCOME baby!

[“Players are already getting paid,” Tuberville told TMZ Sports while at Reagan National Airport. “You’ve got to remember that. They’re getting their scholarship.

“Plus, most of them are getting $600, $700, $800 cash a month for what we call cost of attendance,” Tuberville added. “And, so, nobody’s going hungry as a college athlete. Men and women.”

A major effort to compensate college athletes is making its way through the halls of power in Washington and the NCAA. Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders (D, VT) introduced legislation calling NCAA athletes “employees” and would allow them to unionize. Other states have begun pushing for reforms to allow athletes to receive compensation for name, image, and likeness.

“This is not a minor league farm system.”

Tuberville continued, “This is not farm minor league sports. It is education … at the end of the day, it should be about education.”]


No way you can put in the hours of practice and school at the same time. It's a farce . Pay up.

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2021-26-Mo 12:26:11 am

No way you can put in the hours of practice and the same time. It's a farce . Pay up.


Well, Tommy didn't actually pay Cam. He paid Cam's Dad... And that opened the door when the NCAA said ut was OK...


Abolish all college sports and frivolous course topics. Move them to external schools. Let the pro sports assholes pay these athletes to go to jr training camps or something. The market will figure it out.

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