Republican senators leading the charge against nominee Tracy Stone-Manning introduced a bill on Wednesday to combat tree spiking.

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Make it apply to dates back when she was spiking.


There are no dem(on)s who really believe in the purpose of the BLM (besides THAT one of course)? She is a terrorist!

[isch said of the legislation, “Eco-terrorists spiked trees in Idaho and across the West with the intent of injuring or killing people in the timber industry.” He continued:

Some of these spiked trees remain standing today, posing a danger to firefighters, smoke jumpers, loggers, and mill workers. It is extremely troubling that our land management agencies have no record of where these trees are or any plan to mitigate this serious safety issue. I am proud to introduce the Tree Spiking Mitigation Act with Senator Barrasso to clear our forests of these heinous acts and prevent any further harm coming to those who use and protect our forests.]


They should have done this ages ago and eco-terrorists are terrorists and should rot in jail just like their ideological counterparts.


Just say NO!

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