Youtube Is OVER, New Terms Will Ban Channels For No Reason Or For Not Being "Commercially Viable"

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Glad to know that you are aware of BitChute's existence, Tim, but if you were actually smart, you would be uploading BitChute exclusives every day like Styxhexenhammer666 is. If you were smart and brave, you would jump off YouTube altogether and make BitChute your home. Will you do either one? I'd be surprised if you did.


Okay Tim here's why you're going to be banned. YouTube's new terms of service say the can band you for not being commercially viable. In general they intend to use this first to rid of all the channels they've already demonetized, but then they are going to use it to get rid of sneaky guys you.

You are competition for the networks and news outlets who pay for ads on YouTube. When people watch you they are watching you instead of the content of the companies who buy ads on YouTube. As well your content often attacks corporations and or corporate interest, they too buy ads on YouTube.Which means your channel is not commercially viable because you are hurting the business and sociopolitical interest of YouTube's advertisers.

You play sneaky games like avoiding using certain keywords, but it's your subject matter they want to stop, not specific words. Also things like your advocacy for Tulsi Gabbard. YouTube's advertisers don't want Gabbard. Seriously you think General Electric wants to advertise on Tim Pool's channels? Do you really think they don't know you're hurting their interest be cause you play childish word games?

No Tim you may have viewers, but all the same your channel is not commercially viable, you are not making money for YouTube.


Problem with is that there does not appear to be a way to contribute bandwidth. I've tried using Torrent and WebTorrent, but it appears that they don't contribute to the bandwidth. So, is probably subsidizing the bandwidth ($$$) and is not viable. is probably not safe. Don't count on it surviving.

All this is probably being worked out by people who really want to control the narrative. Those small alt-tech sites are being hammered in one way or another. is a and are examples. It took months to recover from the false attack, and is suffering because of DDOS (they don't allow new accounts and you cannot see their content unless you have an account).

The walls are slowly closing in on the free flow of information. The choke points are being sqeezed, and there are probably plans for the leaks.

What's needed are P2P applications and to educate people about how to safely open ports to help with bandwidth. The moneyed interests have caused us to be lazy and depend on centralization. Now we're going to pay the price as they slowly gain control of the narrative (just like they did with the print newspaper TV industries years ago).


they're just finally being honest about their ban policies. See, it was never about "breaking the rules", they always just wanted an excuse to ban you when they felt like it.

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2019-04-Tu 11:04:33 am

they're just finally being honest about their ban policies. See, it was never about "breaking the rules", they always just wanted to ban you when they felt like it.


People don't need that shit. They have Amazon, Netflix and all that. This was to off the rails on the usual pro area of production. May have gone to far, some people totally dismiss the "legacy" media and assume everyone has internet or a computer.


You tube is ABC/CBS/NBC for the digital age. If you believe those networks are part of the problem and you’re still watching you tube vids...wise up.

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