Following moves by Twitter and Facebook earlier this week, Google shuts down more than 200 YouTube channels.

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We're all quietly cheering for this, because we all see the force of state power being used against the citizens in HK.

But how fucking frightening is it that we've come to a place where YouTube just gets to decide who is or isn't 'disinformation'. What is or isn't 'real'.

There's only two choices, either they're making arbitrary decisions and that ought to concern us all about the future of free speech, or they actually have enough data/info to do a better job policing hostile state propaganda than our own governments do.

I'm not sure which scenario is worse, but I am sure that YouTube/Google/Alphabet aren't going to calmly hand back control of the public discourse once they finish taking it.


What this boils down to is YT removed accounts showing the same live footage of the protests. YT deciding they were 'wrong'. Just coverage?

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