The Labour leader is not being strident enough in opposition, two ex-shadow ministers say.

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Useless grassroots Labour critics have issues with an even more useless leader. I am not encouraged.


Odd, I've accused him and Labour of not listening to the people. But he's not listening to activists - that's an important one.


British politics is in a terrible state with none of the major parties looking particularly attractive. Electoral success should be pretty easy for the first party that works out that sticking up for the traditional British working man and his family is the winning formula. This will mean dropping the woke and green policies that only a minority on Twitter support and essentially becoming a British Donald Trump.

Don't expect anything like this to come out of the Westminster bubble; they're so removed from the electorate and real life that they can't see this simple answer. Labour would also have to ditch a rather large number of their more prominent "talent" too. Lammy, Phillips, Shah, Rayner and Sir Kneelalot himself are so wedded to current policy as to be toxic.

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