Without beginning or end, God created and sustains all things. Apart from God nothing could exist. God as the creator and sustainer of all things forms the basis of all that exists and can be known. Therefore, we depend on God for all things, while apart from God we have nothing. Life, science, reason, and beauty are only possible because God designed, created, and sustains all things. Since God created all time, matter and energy, the biblical miracles are reasonable and easy for God. Natural laws are merely how God upholds the universe; He is not limited by “natural laws.” Time and random chance produce no laws, and cannot reasonably account for the design and complexity of life and the world. Evolution is unreasonable and an impossible explanation of life and the universe, while the biblical worldview easily explains it all. CLICK HERE to learn more about God the Reason and The Box: https://www.pilgrimsrock.com/products/bo...

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