Garbage article written by the leftist trash that supported her killer.


It took only 24 hours for Donald Trump to hail Russian President Vladimir Putin's dismembering of independent, democratic, sovereign Ukraine as an act of "genius."

LOL at this BS "news" outlets propaganda.


Classic example of wikipedia censorship and fakery. They hide his real name...ffs.

This is a mentally ill man who as a child of 7! was used by activists as a token to tell people to accept the insanity of self mutilation and self identification of a fake sex as sane.

Americans are widely misrepresented by media and their claims that anything close to a plurality of American find his behavior normal or acceptable is a farce.


Keeping tabs on U.S. President Biden’s approval ratings and American’s top issues

What BS


Recent behavior by fans at NBA playoff games triggered bad memories for Metta World Peace and prompted a league statement.

They are both Burn Loot Murder supporters who can go f themselves


President Joe Biden urged Congress to pass stricter gun control measures following the latest mass shooting at a Northern California rail yard Wednesday.

Day after he glamorized a career criminal druggy..The man is a retard.


Footage shows suspect Patrick Thompson, 54, launching the brutal attack on the women aged 65 and 85 on Tuesday afternoon on Market Street, San Francisco.

"A Man"

A clearly BLACK "Man" committed another hate crime against Asians.


Videos shared Wednesday shows a man fighting with two women - said to be from Chicago - after one of the women refused to wear a mask. The brawl is said to have begun after they were deplaned.

..and since the left insists on defining entire peoples based on skin color.

Once again we see that its always. Time black people get their crap together or be treated as the unstable animals they insist on acting like.

What possible benefit comes to a society in pandering to such incivility? Highest drug use, crime rate, abortion rate, single parent rate, homeless rate, etc etc ALL of it is dominated by one group that makes up around 12% of the population.

^^That reality is not a product of history or racism but a culture who has decided to define itself as lesser humans, whose actions are the fault of others, and who embrace the criminal as a victim. No other peoples do that. Why?..because its a road to nothing and they have self respect. Yelling "racist!" and running off to a big tent charlatan like Al Sharpton only reinforce that the entire culture is trapped in a pile of BS made by itself.


Ta-Nehisi Coates (left), the novelist who expanded the world of Wakanda for Marvel comics, is writing the script. There has been a black Superman in the comics (right) but never on the big screen.

A dud before its ever made. Just Stupid pandering to a bunch of racist asshats.

(They should make him Asian and Lex Luthor black--to deal with the reality of black on Asian crime in the USA.)