The Arizona woman who said she and her husband drank fish-tank cleaner to ward off coronavirus has donated heavily to Democrats and acknowledges she's not a President Trump supporter -- despite news reports that she ingested the dangerous drug because she trusted what she thought was the president's advice. 

If this story is even true, I think this lady murdered her husband and is using this as a way to weasel out of any charges. How come he died but she didn't? Hope investigators took toxicology testing on both of them.

She sounded pretty strong and healthy on that call.


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It's amazing. Search results for "Coronavirus Task Force" with filters for Today and Over 20 minutes. The Official channel of The White House (check-mark badge and all) is placed NINETEEN SPOTS DOWN.

The top 5 results are:

  1. NBC News

  2. CNBC Television

  3. TIME

  4. Washington Post

  5. Fox Business

Further down, local news channel KTLA follows PBS NewsHour in the results. But, the real interesting one is "WATE 6 On Your Side" shows up next. As I write this, that video has 44 views. This is not a check-marked channel nor is 11Alive, which also comes up before the official channel of The White House.

We see you.

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People should play this song if they are near Nancy Pelosi.


I love him


Payment provider Mastercard announced this week that it is developing various technologies that will allow it to identify customers by their strides, heartbeat, and vein patterns.

Mastercard is "eager to track their user’s unique biometric data".

Who the fuck are these people?? Get out of our personal lives, ya creeps!


The offer comes in a public service announcement posted by the Johnson City Police Department to Facebook.

The police in Blanco County, Texas offer to test meth for coronavirus.

That is how they troll in Texas.


Reddit seems to have decided that special rules need to be enforced for the most popular pro-Trump subreddit, the_Donald. Subredditors there claim half their moderators have been purged and new ones are being installed from above.

Reddit users on T_D saw this coming months ago and made a new website: TheDonald.Win

There are thousands and thousands of pedes there and more have come due to this latest free speech crackdown. Reddit is actually now punishing people who simply upvote wrongthink posts.

Like a phoenix, we keep rising from the ashes.

African American Leaders and Blacks for trump members meet with the President at the White House where they Expose the Liberals and state that they are the D...

This is why they want to destroy this man. Democrats think they STILL own black Americans.

Trump is showing the opportunity to be free of dem chains.

edit: What a fun conference! I loved hearing these beautiful things said about our POTUS!

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2020-19-Fr 01:19:10 pm

This is why they want to destroy this man. Democrats think they STILL own black Americans.

Trump is showing the opportunity to be free of dem chains.