Kash Patel, the former GOP congressional aide who uncovered the FBI’s surveillance abuse against the Trump campaign, is the target of a federal leak investigation, according to a report from The Washington Post.

That's apparently been the primary function of the "Justice Department" since 2015.


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero


Antifa works for the fucking Establishment, whether they completely understand that or not.

I'm sure that organization is riddled with cops, and Party staffers, and corporate stooges.


With countless killings of Black people by police, especially after George Floyd, the Derek Chauvin trial is reopening fresh wounds.

Everything hurts more when you can't do fucking math.


Doctor who?


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Good luck with that shit.

People are always yapping about redrawing the states on the right, but they can't even do simple shit.

If the Democrats say they're going to start redrawing the fucking map I might believe them. If you can rig a general fucking election and have everyone in the fucking country afraid to question it, you can do anything.


'I hope that I can be with Applejack in the afterlife, my life has no meaning without her,' wrote 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole on Facebook just before the massacre Thursday in Indianapolis.

Well, at least some good will come of this...

Bronies are now fucking NAZIS.



It’s been months since the results of the 2020 Election were called for Joe Biden late Election night with 25% of the vote still outstanding.  Joe Biden became the first Democrat to win Arizona in decades and the first Democrat to win Maricopa County, where Pheonix is located, since Harry Truman.   This came as a…


How did I know this was Gateway Pundit... there is a difference between honestly questioning the 2020 election and telling everyone that the election results are going to be overthrown ANY MINUTE for months.

People remember that shit.


They are retarded communists... like YOU.

In fact, you wouldn't even have a fucking career if it were not for them. So suck it up go back to your clown show.


During the late 1800s when the renowned scientist Louis Pasteur was trying to overturn the medical community’s deadly belief that germs are not communicable, he wrote: “The greatest aberration of the mind is to believe a thing to be, because we desire it.” The results of a scientific survey conducted just after the 2020 presidential election show that voters from […]


There is no calm fucking middle anymore. There is only the middle of FUCKING COWARDS.

Leftists destroyed any possibility of rational compromise when they started gaslighting the entire fucking country every time they got the chance, and changing the meanings of fucking words to "win" arguments, and absolutely demonizing EVERYONE who disagrees with them on the most minor of things.

They declared TOTAL FUCKING WAR on the American people. Any moderate response to that is APPEASEMENT.



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is preparing to introduce a resolution calling for the expulsion of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

Okey dokey.

But there's a reason that Maxine Waters has been able to screech for violence every day for 5 fucking years and never even be questioned in any serious way. She is ESTABLISHMENT. The Establishment WANTS violence against white people because white people are a pain in the ass to subjugate.

This will come to nothing.