After weeks of mostly peaceful protesting, Saturday night erupted into chaos when a driver rolled through protesters.

Stop blocking roads. They are for vehicles. I'm glad they arrested the guy who jumped on the hood and let the driver go. That's as it should be. But I wouldn't doubt that the authorities would reconsider and reverse that situation.


Can we just end this shit now? Arrest Raz and his cohorts - Restore law and order to Seattle.

Or do we let Seattle and it's sister cities burn until they cry for help?


A famous far-left professor claimed President Trump is "undeniably" the "worst criminal in human history."

Oh, Chomksy you old hack piece of shit. People still listen to you?

Chomsky is a garbage commie. I mean, they all are. But this guy does speaking tours of our colleges and influences people.


The controversial country band the Dixie Chicks has rebranded as The Chicks following criticism that the former name brought positive attention to Civil War-era Southern culture.



Just when you thought that the NASCAR Bubba Wallace controversy was cleared up and over, MSNBC’s Morning Joe made sure to bring it right back into controversy. In an opening segment on Wednesday morning, co-host Willie Geist started up a conversation with MSNBC show host and notorious, Tawana Brawley race baiter Reverend Al Sharpton on the topic of the noose that was found in Bubba Wallace’s car Monday morning.

How can anyone take Sharpton seriously? This guy literally makes his living playing black people.


On Wednesday, during interviews with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today show actually rejected the findings of FBI investigation that concluded no hate crime was committed against the sport’s only full-time black driver. Instead, both broadcasts decided to keep pushing the debunked narrative that Wallace was targeted with a “noose” – which turned out to be a garage door pull rope.

Come on! Apparently the "noose maker" was a psychic who knew the one black guy in NASCAR (buh bye, never cared for your "sport", but now actively dislike you) would be in that garage months later.

I have a friend at work who is a staunch commie. I'm calling him that, he wouldn't. But he is. He even says that this wan't a hate crime, but he said, and I'm paraphrasing, "This isn't Jussie Smollet,". Maybe not but Wallace had no problem taking the spotlight and letting the white drivers push his car.

This is all disgusting race baiting. Designed to further divide and destroy the United States of America I grew up with.


The gender parity rule was put in place by feminists 100 years ago to increase women's role in politics

Mel Gibson has been axed from the Netflix sequel of Chicken Run after coming under fire for allegedly making anti-semitic remarks towards actor Winona Ryder

Who cares what an actor thinks? Does the Actor entertain me? That's my primary concern.

Mel Gibson makes good movies. That's all I care about.


At the "Black House Autonomous Zone" in Washington DC, a combination of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and unaffiliated "protesters" have

"Mitchell can be heard in video capturing the event asking, “Where are the police when you need them?”"



The tiny state of Rhode Island announced that they will change the official name of their state.

Finally! Rode Island changed its racist name.

Are you fucking kidding me? No, you're not. Unfortunately. Will Mount Rushmore be blown apart soon? Probably.