Dean Obeidallah writes that a week after President Donald Trump told Americans he understood the threat posed by coronavirus, the administration shipped over 35,000 pounds of medical gear to China, showing he failed to comprehend the risk facing the US.

Cause of course CNN was saying this at the time. Hindsight is 2020, and Epstein didn't kill himself, but CNN knew all about him - yet buried the report. Makes you think ehh.

CNN. TDS Fake News.


Polyamory is considered by psychologists to be a type of consensual non-monogamy – open relationships where each partner has consent to see other people. Research has found that about 21% of us will engage in some form of consensual non-monogamy at some point in our lives and about 5% of people are in a relationship like this right now. Video Journalist: Griesham Taan

Of course, this is about 1 woman with multiple men, because the BBC is pushing an agenda: Fuck whites, fuck men, fuck free market capitalism (the founder of our feast), fuck the west, fuck the good parts of the world - because they're bigoted communist fucks who hate progress and themselves.

Fuck the British Bigotry Corporation. Defund the BBC, they are all Nazis in sheeps clothing.


People social distancing are sharing memes to feel connected but could they be preserved in a museum?

Hahaha, these memes - the kind of memes authorized by the extreme left of the left cunts at British Bigotry Corporation.

Proper memes laugh at extremist cunts like you.

Defund the BBC. Also educate these lefttards about what a meme is - we wuz kangs you knowz....

Also look up demographic replacement, then push to end all immigration into the west - done. Unless you want Sharia in London within 50 years? Child brides? All women veiled? This fucking shit is happening - do all in your power to stop the cunts at the BBC sanction this.


When Tran Thi Ngai was raped, she did not get justice, or even sympathy. Instead she ended up in prison.

Millions of men die in war. Women most affected.

British Bigotry Corporation. Defund the BBC.


The government's coronavirus rules are tougher on people at risk of domestic abuse, the home secretary says.

Nice photo, almost 50% of domestic violence is women against men, only when the police come they arrest the man. More anti male propaganda from the BBC. British Bigotry Corporation.


A woman in her 70s was left with a black eye after a fight broke out when a man tried to help.

This is why the propagandist BBC needs defunding. All the staff at the BBC need to be walked out of their place of work and need to Learn to Code.

The 'passer by' was Sir Tommy Robinson, somebody the BBC has lied about for years. He heroically stepped in to prevent several immigrant scroats attacking an elderly couple - scroats who should have been deported, known illegal immigrant criminals.

This scum must be deported from the UK perminantly, we must control our borders. What the fuck are they doing here?

Defund the BBC, shut the fucks down, and replace with real news that tells the truth.

Robinson has been to prison recently for hurting the feelings of pedo Muslim gangs. This is who the media is protecting - deport all illegall immigrant fucks, specially those who break the law.


The mood across Europe is hardening as desperate people continue to pour across borders in search of sanctuary or escape from poverty. Hungary’s hardline leader has called for a ‘European defence line’ on Greek borders. Norway is ordering thousands of refugees to get back on bikes into Russia. Even liberal Sweden has tightened controls. Meanwhile Switzerland, one of the

I'm sure this geezer lives in a deprived area full of Muslims who want to kill infidels and are involved in the industrial scale rape of young white girls.


In Hong Kong and Taiwan, deaths are in single figures. But Europe gambled on a containment strategy

'Asian Countries', what you mean the countries that constantly have pandemics like this because of their wet markets. These Asian countries, the ones to blame. Gotcha, but of course you wont blame anybody except white men because of your hate fuelled ideology of communism and intersectionality.

Everything is white men's fault, hey bigots. The Guardian, The Nazi Rag of the 21st century. Are you a Nazi? Then you need The Guardian.


Exploring the weird, wonderful and surprisingly violent world of North Korean children's television.

The BBC uses many of the same formats to brainwash our kids with extremist propaganda, convincing most that they need to get their dick chopped off and that drag queens are suitable for kids TV.

DEFUND THE FUCKING BBC. Lets watch them burn (metaphorically of course).


The use of the existing drugs against the new virus is unproven, and some shortages have already been reported.

Nobody believes your lies you two bit hacks.

We are laughing at you now, we laughed at you when Trump won, and we'll be laughing at you when he wins again. Why don't you get an actually useful job, you're a joke. LEARN. TO. CODE. DICKHEAD. CUNTS.