Women want to hold to account the masked people picking protesters off the street in Belarus.

A country tries to get democracy. So of course the lying cunt fake news BBC make this about 'women vs men' women good, men bad.

Fucking fake cunties BBC. We know what you're doing you lying cunts, nobody believes your cunt shit anymore.

We are laughing at you, you'll be defunded cunts.

#FakeNews #DefundTheBBC #Cunts


Taoiseach Micheál Martin cautioned the UK government over "playing politics" with negotiations.

I read this expecting a balanced article with views from both sides. Then I realised it was the BBC, an extremist activist outlet stealing public funds to promote anti-British propaganda. Fuck the BBC. They have countless quotes a photo and a video from one side. A couple of quotes with no explanation from the other, no video, no interview, no photo. This ain't journalism, very low quality, very embarrassing.



A group of British East and South East Asians describe The Singapore Grip as "a kick in the teeth".

Ahh far left fake new BBC don't like this show.

Splendid, I must check it out.

(yeah history is 'hurtful' you clueless cunts, this shit actually happened - wanna see hurtful, see what the Japanese did in WW2 and get back to me you historically illiterate cunts)



Lewis Hamilton's new venture could allow him to make a real difference - and change perceptions of himself.

Brain washed.

Bigot. Nazi. Racist. Easily Manipulated.

He'll go down as a disgrace to the sport and himself. All because he said boys shouldn't wear pink dresses (they shouldn't).

Keep your fucking politics out of sport.

And look at the Nazi Commie (yeah, they're basically the same) BBC, giving this racist a platform.

#DefundTheBBC #FuckMarxism


Manchester United's Mason Greenwood says it was "poor judgement" to inhale nitrous oxide, after "historical pictures" of him doing so were published by the Sun.

Laughing gas is legal and 100% harmless.


Social distancing meant there was no place for promenaders this year at the Royal Albert Hall.

BBC's Mission:

Fuck up everything good that's British Pretend anything good Britain did isn't real Credit immigrants for everything British Demonise whites and men Promote anything non white / female Replace Liberal Democracy with Marxist Dictatorship



The festival was the first such event held with live audiences since the start of Covid-19 outbreak.

"The only woman to win the award for 10 years" You calling women too lazy or talent free to make good movies BBC? That's a bit sexist.

In fact very few women want to be directors because, news flash, given a free choice men and women make different career decisions.

Get the fuck over it.



Pockets of fans are heard booing a 'moment of unity' as protests against racism take place on the opening night of the NFL season.

'Moment of unity' Stalin, Mao and Hitler couldn't have fake named anything better.

It's fucking Marxist brain washing and people have had enough. Sorry BBC FAKE NEWS, this is why you're gonna get defunded, why the racism, sexism and bigotry of wokism will be crushed, and why propagandist far left Marxist evil like this BS 'unity' shit will be rejected.



Their love story made headlines as they fought to get protection from their own families.

In a brown country. Weird how the title didn't mention that. What's that, the west is vastly better on this than inferior cultures. Your anti-western ideology is internally inconsistent you morons. #DefundTheBBC


Reports say people had to be rescued from the water, but no-one has been injured.

Propaganda. Weird how the BBC (Fake Far Left News) never shows the unending negative shit coming out of the far left Democrats. They want to control you, don't believe these dumb cunts. #DefundTheBBC