Former Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale is assisting Caitlyn Jenner as she mulls a potential challenge to California Gov. Gavin Newsom in this year's recall, a source familiar with the matter tells The Post.

Who's Caitlyn? Bruce must have a sister.


Tim, Ian, and Lydia join author John Tamny to discuss China's role in the US and American policies. Sign Up For Exclusive Episodes At Guest: John Tamny @JohnTamny Merch - http...

The guest in the video is an idiot on China. Tim should invite Laowhy86 and SerpantZA on if he wants want outsiders with an inside scoop of what the conditions on the ground throughout most of Red China are today. They've traveled the country more than even most locals.

Also, it's important to factor in purchasing power when comparing economies, not just the number of equivalent dollars Chinese people have in their pockets. That needs to be fleshed out more. The illegitimate communist regime gets far more bang for its buck on military expenditures even if you exclude the R&D which they always steal. Still, the economic differences that do exist are why the CCP is coupling with the US derp state to turn the US into a Third World country so that by the time things go kinetic, the US will simply lack the economic base to sustain hostilities.

The R&D thing is really their weak point, however. We are the golden goose, and when the golden goose, dies, communist regimes will die on the vine due to lack of outside life support. Communists can't innovate (it's too risky to do so - your innovation might tick the wrong people in the Party off, so it's not personally worth it. Plus you're taught to only do groupthink, from which new ideas are viewed as straying ideas). But there again, communism only exists to destroy, and once everything is destroyed, communism no longer has a purpose. It's ideological locustry.


After I published a post this week about elite journalists’ increasing reliance on “therapeutic trauma jargon” to make professional demands, one of the journalists mentioned really went out of her way to confirm the core thrust of the post. Felicia Sonmez, a national political reporter at the

Good, traumatize and marginalize them even more until they have no voice in our country. There is no place in America for communists.

Harass, intimidate, chase, belittle, mock, psychotically abuse, and treat them like the dirt under your feet.


Pedo Joe raped all of his kids and murdered one along with his first wife. Not to mention he molested several of his grandkids. No wonder Hunter's more effed up than a grown up Disney kid celeb.


Pelosi's Phone Call to the Pentagon Proves That Biden's illegal installation was part of a coup, as she illegally gave out orders to the Pentagon (House Speakers are not in the military chain of command as presidents are):

'Two days after the Capitol melee, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made an ominous phone call that could change the entire game.

On January 8th, Nancy Pelosi picked up her phone and bypassed the military chain of command by making a jaw-dropping direct appeal to Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

Nancy Pelosi asked General Mark Milley to take action against President Trump.

Think about that for a minute: a politician who has no place whatsoever within the national security chain of command went around the already-established chain of command channels and used her power and position to try and give direct orders to the nation’s top military officer.


What Nancy Pelosi did when she made that phone call was as close to an “insurrection” that you can get, and it was far more menacing and dangerous than anything “politically motivated” that went down at the Capitol on January 6th.

And Pelosi knows it.

That’s why now, both the Pentagon and Pelosi are trying to cover up that very phone call.'


Use a provider that's not controlled by a Big Tech giant and that supports free expression.

Beware of D-Tube. It is hosted in China on a .CN domain, which means it is almost certainly a hostile website that can not only track you, but inject malicious code and hack you. Avoid.

There are also two streaming sites I was unaware of: 3Speak and Theta Network. @reclaimthenet should also be aware that Odysee is planning to begin live streaming next week, according to @TheSaltyCracker.

Free speech friendly video sharing platforms

🇺🇸 All credit to “ThePatriotNurse” - Original video: YT-Channel: ✅ It's FAST, FREE AND PRIVATE! Use the BRAVE browser for 30 days, and they will support my channel with a bonus.

I throw down the gauntlet to men on Gab to watch this.

Patriot Nurse calls out Christian beta male fatalism that refuses to stand up, refuses to resist, refuses to protest or get out there, to be men and take a stand. Calls out apathy and cowardice by name. (Revelation 21:8 calls out cowards by name).

  • "(Stop being a) lily-livered chicken turd."
  • "Cowardice is spreading...courage is contageous but so is cowardice."
  • Too many Christians believe "totalitarian tiptoe is good to go."
  • "Do you think they're going to ever leave you alone?"
  • "(Totalitarian regimes don't) happen in a vacuum. They happen because good people refuse to act."
  • "Sometimes submission to God looks like defiance to man."

She's on target. Even on Gab where you'd expect to see some dissident fire, you see almost nothing but wimps and wusses afraid to even get out and protest, pass out flyers, volunteer or a single darned thing. When you call them out, they whine about being picked on by the mean old derp state. Well, they're coming for you anyway just for being on Gab. And if you're not, they'll still get around to you for not embracing the cabal. Then come the box cars. So die fighting with a chance to win and live or die neutered in the concentration camp. Getting loud, boldly proclaiming truth - these are the Christian basis of our civic responsibility as Americans. You are morally obligated to do this.

  • "Are you loving your neighbor by permitting tyranny to get a foothold?"
  • David fought Goliath with minimal gear. But God was with him. "But he had to show up. He didn't just sit at home."
  • "Your willingness to defend yourself will always trump your ability."
  • "Who are the true believers?"
  • Psalm 33, 56

We need Calabs, Joshuas, and Deborahs. It's a choice.


House Democrats introduced a bill to establish a commission with the power to redesignate the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Headquarters Building to reflect “racial, ethnic, and gender diversity.” The bill…

Any patriots left in the military need to drone it with all the derp state trash inside.


Cross-posted from TGP FactCheck Washington Post’s Aaron Blake completely misrepresents Sidney Powell’s court filings, turning them into a false confession that she never believed her claims of voter fraud In fact, Powell’s filing is quite clear that she does believe her claims about voter fraud, and publicly posted the evidence she used to make her…

I saw a post-regabbed last night somewhere that accused Sidney Powell of stating in court she did not intend her claims about election fraud to be taken as fact. The claim about Powell itself is fake news spun by the far-left Washington Post and its openly pedophilic author Aaron Blake who has a long history of partisan fake news and defamation so outrageous Project Veritas would have obliterated it in half the time it took to do so to the New York Times. Even if you're not Powell's biggest fan, beware of derp state media-driven bandwagons. Eyes wide open.


It’s a reliable voting block. On Tuesday Democrats held a hearing on the election transformation bill HR1 that will ensure the party that cheats will never lose another election. Democrats LOVE this package of criminal behavior that makes it possible for anyone to in the United States or vote a hundred times. According to PJ…

Not the Babylon Bee. The illegitimate regime is now quite comfortable being candid about its coup and just to remind you that your vote will never, ever matter again until sometime after they genocide you presumably, dead lives matter: