The two deadly encounters happened in 2019 at a national park in Africa, where chimps formed coalitions and attacked a group of gorillas that ended with two dead infant gorillas.

One species of animal killing another? Wow, that's never happened before. Totally proves (cabal's insert favored narrative du jour) totally right!


Japan's prime minister met with Pfizer's CEO in an unusually high-profile setting Friday to make sure the drugmaker would deliver the COVID-19 vaccine as promised by this fall as the nation faces supply concerns and a growing outbreak. Pfizer Inc. CEO Albert Bourla, who is in Tokyo to attend Friday's opening ceremony of the Olympics, was greeted by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the Akasaka Palace state guest house, usually used to welcome heads of state. Suga’s special hospitality for Pfizer's leader comes as Japan is seeing its vaccination drive slow as local officials pressure the central government for speedier and stable deliveries.

Some coffins are nicer than others.


"Congratulations to @BrettBaier on Fox news for receiving the very first #FakeNews award from me for his bungling of the Arizona call on Nov 3rd for President and for lying and discrediting our very credible audit"

Not very professional. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I bet cabal-owned Baier likes censorship and loves the CCP.


The prize “is what Bill wants more than anything else in the world,” one former Gates Foundation employee said.

More like he wanted to diddle kids.


A raging inflation inferno caused by Joe Biden's disastrous policy decisions is threatening to torch his entire presidency.

He's not president so what presidency?


Former Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale is assisting Caitlyn Jenner as she mulls a potential challenge to California Gov. Gavin Newsom in this year's recall, a source familiar with the matter tells The Post.

Who's Caitlyn? Bruce must have a sister.


Tim, Ian, and Lydia join author John Tamny to discuss China's role in the US and American policies. Sign Up For Exclusive Episodes At Guest: John Tamny @JohnTamny Merch - http...

The guest in the video is an idiot on China. Tim should invite Laowhy86 and SerpantZA on if he wants want outsiders with an inside scoop of what the conditions on the ground throughout most of Red China are today. They've traveled the country more than even most locals.

Also, it's important to factor in purchasing power when comparing economies, not just the number of equivalent dollars Chinese people have in their pockets. That needs to be fleshed out more. The illegitimate communist regime gets far more bang for its buck on military expenditures even if you exclude the R&D which they always steal. Still, the economic differences that do exist are why the CCP is coupling with the US derp state to turn the US into a Third World country so that by the time things go kinetic, the US will simply lack the economic base to sustain hostilities.

The R&D thing is really their weak point, however. We are the golden goose, and when the golden goose, dies, communist regimes will die on the vine due to lack of outside life support. Communists can't innovate (it's too risky to do so - your innovation might tick the wrong people in the Party off, so it's not personally worth it. Plus you're taught to only do groupthink, from which new ideas are viewed as straying ideas). But there again, communism only exists to destroy, and once everything is destroyed, communism no longer has a purpose. It's ideological locustry.


After I published a post this week about elite journalists’ increasing reliance on “therapeutic trauma jargon” to make professional demands, one of the journalists mentioned really went out of her way to confirm the core thrust of the post. Felicia Sonmez, a national political reporter at the

Good, traumatize and marginalize them even more until they have no voice in our country. There is no place in America for communists.

Harass, intimidate, chase, belittle, mock, psychotically abuse, and treat them like the dirt under your feet.


Pedo Joe raped all of his kids and murdered one along with his first wife. Not to mention he molested several of his grandkids. No wonder Hunter's more effed up than a grown up Disney kid celeb.


Pelosi's Phone Call to the Pentagon Proves That Biden's illegal installation was part of a coup, as she illegally gave out orders to the Pentagon (House Speakers are not in the military chain of command as presidents are):

'Two days after the Capitol melee, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made an ominous phone call that could change the entire game.

On January 8th, Nancy Pelosi picked up her phone and bypassed the military chain of command by making a jaw-dropping direct appeal to Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

Nancy Pelosi asked General Mark Milley to take action against President Trump.

Think about that for a minute: a politician who has no place whatsoever within the national security chain of command went around the already-established chain of command channels and used her power and position to try and give direct orders to the nation’s top military officer.


What Nancy Pelosi did when she made that phone call was as close to an “insurrection” that you can get, and it was far more menacing and dangerous than anything “politically motivated” that went down at the Capitol on January 6th.

And Pelosi knows it.

That’s why now, both the Pentagon and Pelosi are trying to cover up that very phone call.'