Canadian political scientist warns in op ed of Trumpist threat to American democracy and possible effect on northern neighborThe Steal: stethoscope for a democracy near cardiac arrest Donald Trump speaks in Greenville, North Carolina, last June. Photograph: Jonathan Drake/Reuters The US could be under a rightwing dictatorship by 2030, a Canadian political science professor has warned, urging his country to protect itself against the “collapse of American democracy”. “We mustn’t dismiss these pos

Projection. Always with the projection. If you want to know what they're planning to do, they'll always tell us it's what they're afraid we're going to do.


FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine, which has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and is now marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.

Today, the FDA would approve Thalidomide, and Frances Oldham Kelsey would be banned from social media and receiving death threats.


Insider spoke to several Afghan gay men. One activist said he fears that gay people in Afghanistan will be "weeded out and exterminated" by the Taliban.

My field is barren of fucks. I'll also be willing to bet that less than 1% of all the Afghanistan "refugees" they fly over here and foist on towns across the nation will be Christian.


Aggressive tweets, a rally on Juneteenth and other ways Trump further alienated Black voters during a crucial month.

Politico, still surviving off of people who have Trump living in their heads rent free. Sure, let's talk about some complete fabrication/fantasy regarding Trump, instead of the drooling vegetable inhabiting the WH today.

You clowns got what you wished for, and now you're dying because it's basically understood you're the enemy of the people.


President Biden seemed to enjoy driving Ford's F-150 Lightning all-electric truck, but it is likely to take time for "heartland" motorists to embrace electrification, analysts say.

Electric engines are torque monsters. Diesel can't come close. So towing is not an issue. Also, lightning quick.

That said, can Ford's Hencho e Mexico build an electric vehicle that's not going to spontaneously combust just sitting? Seems to be a huge challenge for Tesla and others. What about range? Where most people have electrics (city/town), they've got charging stations everywhere. You can charge while at work or shopping. But many working stiffs can't stop for a couple of hours for a full charge, and need to travel more than 400 miles.

Then there's price. A decent work truck is already close to $60-80k. How many are willing to shell out $100-120k for an F150 you plug in? There's nothing clean about electric, at least if you're intellectually honest. We're talking NBC here. You're probably counting on coal fired electric plants. Then there's the child slave labor involved in mining the cobalt. Oh yeah, that dirty little secret everybody avoids? Then, you've got a battery to dispose of after 150-200k miles. Most people drive their trucks much, much further. I'm not seeing the value there.

Where's all that lead and toxic crap going to wind up? Electric is just one more crazy leftist dream, avoiding an awful lot of reality. If you want an electric car, fine. Just don't delude yourself into believing it's some sort of green alternative when it's ultimately as bad or even worse than a combustion engine.


Matt Gaetz won't resign from Congress as Katie Hill became latest critic to call for him to do following allegations of

Dear NBC, go fuck yourselves. This is a resume enhancement for a democrat WITH actual proof. Here? Not squat. Nothing. It's all fabrication. But you just keep being the lying democrat mouthpiece grifters you've always been.


Pro-Trump extremists feel emboldened and are vowing on-line to return to Washington for the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

Suggestion to the media. Stay the F out of our way.


To make room for all of the COVID-19 patients at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles, staffers have found a way to get more people inside for treatment: They are placing their gurneys inside the gift shop, chapel, and conference room.Already, there are five tents outside of the hospital to help with overflow. Dr. Elaine Batchlor, the hospital's CEO, told CNN workers have been "incredibly adept and flexible in accommodating increasing numbers of patients," but if the pace keeps up, they will have to start contemplating whether to ration care. This, she said, is something "we really just loathe having to even think about."In the past seven days, Los Angeles County has reported 100,000 new coronavirus cases, and L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer on Monday said the "sad reality is that all indicators show us that our situation may only get worse as we begin 2021." Batchlor told CNN that while patients won't be turned away from her hospital, it might soon get to the point where "we use what in the battlefield is called triage techniques, which is doing an assessment of each person's needs and prognosis and using scarce resources with patients that are most likely to benefit from them."COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States reached a record high on Monday, with 121,235 patients in the hospital, the Covid Tracking Project said. Looking at data published Monday by the Department of Health and Human Services, CNN found that over the last week, about 40 percent of all intensive care unit patients in the country had COVID-19, up from 16 percent in late September, 22 percent in late October, and 35 percent in late November.More stories from 5 cartoons about the end of a very, very bad year Trump is right about the Republican death wish 'Irritated' Trump will skip his Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve party

Sadly, it's true. I've got a friend who works ICU in one of the largest hospitals in LA. They've got hundreds of confirmed cases right now. What they're NOT saying is that most of them are Hispanics. Because the state turns a blind eye to them regarding covid. Many have been able to keep their bars and restaurants open, gather in gigantic groups in parks, the little barrio does whatever it wants.

Entire families descend on the ER's to use them as their free family doctors, minor burns, colicky babies, cuts, hangnails, stab wounds, the usual. I avoid my nearest ER (agricultural area) because of this. So even if they're not particularly sick, if they test positive and insist they're going to die (because they've been told they will), they'll get an available bed.


College students say raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will make a huge difference in their ability to pay for school and maintain a work-school balance.

Yes, let's listen to a 20 year old who has no idea about how the world operates outside of her sheltered little bubble of theoretical thinking.

Or, did she come to the realization she's going to be paying off her student loan with a minimum wage job for years to come for a bachelor's in gender fluidity?

Well, we know they jettisoned classes like economics 101 for pronouns 101.