Tennessee man Shane Sonderman, 18, was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for the April, 2020 'swatting' death of Mark Herring, 60, in a dispute over Herring's Twitter handle.

Pure stupidity, killed someone over a name Oh, I know a race of 'people' whom do the same thing and never gets reported in the media.

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Pure stupidity, killed someone over a name? >Oh, I know a race of 'people' whom do the same thing and never gets reported in the media.


The victim was approached at 9:05 a.m. by a man riding a Citi Bike on Pitkin Avenue and Barbey Street who patted the man's pocket as he demanded property from him, police sources and the NYPD said.

Hate crime? No. Just a good boy on his way to church dat dindu nuffin.


A video of a traffic stop went viral over the weekend due to allegations that the officer planted a drug baggie on the backseat.

Imagine actually believing anything blacks say. Joggers gonna jog.


"If folks need to compare January 6 to 9/11, they have no faith in their ability to portray January 6 as the unfortunate criminal act that it was."

BLM and Antifags murdering & assaulting citizens, terrorizing, destroying and burning cities and property all over the United States and they're just fiery but peaceful protests.

Boomers at the capitol in actual protest, the police invite them in and antifags in maga disguise start smashing and destroying stuff, even then, hardly any damage, but that 'riot' is the worst thing in American history. Honk


Castellano told said that people from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Las Vegas are experiencing the same issues.

Lol. WTF? Coddled pussies. Grow tf up.


A man from Florida has been arrested after he told police he wanted to teach an alligator a “lesson” by beating it and attempting to throw it on a rooftop.

An article about an alligator, decided to do a word find. Trump - 27/ Maga - 18 / Conservative - 5 / Orange - 2.

These npcs really have no original thoughts.


Three people were shot outside of the third base gate of Washington Nationals stadium while a game was in progress Saturday night. The Nationals were in the sixth inning against the Padres.

Why is this surprising? It's DC aka CoonTown. Just another night for the melanin enriched individuals.

Also, imagine going to a sportsball game in 2021


Looters were captured on video Monday ransacking a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco as thefts continue to plague businesses in the area.

What a surprise, melanin enriched individuals stealing. /s


Negroes are the most thin skinned people on the face of the planet. Can't handle simple words


(Bloomberg) -- Just weeks after President Joe Biden implored Vladimir Putin to curb cyber crime, a notorious, Russia-linked ransomware gang has been accused of pulling off an audacious attack on the global software supply chain.REvil, the group blamed for the May 30 ransomware attack of meatpacking giant JBS SA, is believed to be behind hacks on at least 20 managed-service providers, which provide IT services to small- and medium-sized businesses. More than 1,000 businesses have already been imp

Here we go with the 'muh russians' again, never ends.